Hanstable is here!

By Wukl  

So, after a long time, here's Hanstable! It's a simple hash table implementation in C, nothing really special. It has precompiled libraries for Windows, full source and documentation (hastily written - I don't like writing documentation).

And now onwards!

It's been a long time...

By Wukl  

Yep, it's been a long time since the last post. Nothing has changed much. I've been working on a module-based frameworky program in C to eventually run a couple of programs, like Geomys (formerly Monolog). But since I know C for even less then a year, it's been a lot of trial-and-error. At one point I almost ported the Java classpath to C but I managed to stop myself on time. I don't know what I was thinking. Anyway, here's a (short) list of projects currently going on:


A project originally to be the basis for the Iridium OS (yes, we're attempting to create an OS; no, it's not usable), but its functionality has changed a lot over time. I think I will change the name at some point. It is designed to load completely modular programs. It has all sorts of fancy stuff, which spawned...


I was looking for a JSON parser and I found cJSON. I was horrified when I looked at the code, so I decided to update it. Which ended up in a rewrite using the same logic, but different code. This little library spawned another project:


Monolog coming up!

By Wukl  

Wow - this is one heck of a project. Details to come.

luc@zaphod:~/projects/C/monolog$ ./monolog --help
Usage: monolog [OPTION...]

  -c, --config=FILE          use this configuration file
                             defaults to /etc/monolog/config.ini
  -s, --socket=FILE          use this UNIX socket
                             defaults to /var/run/monolog.sock
  -b, --buffer-size=AMOUNT   limit socket buffer to AMOUNT chars
                             defaults to 512 chars
  -d, --daemon               daemonize the server on startup (default)
  -D, --no-daemon            don't daemonize the server on startup
                             implies --perror, disable with --no-perror
  -p, --perror               log to perror while syslogging
  -P, --no-perror            don't log to perror while syslogging (default)
  -h, --help                 print this text

Running version 1.0.0

Monolog (c) 2013-2014 Banaanvraag
All rights reserved
See https://banaanvraag.nl/projects/software/monolog for details

That link doesn't work yet. It requires Monolog.
Also, licensing - haven't decided yet, so All rights reserved. Keep your hands off my child!

Wonderful sound strange shape

By Wukl / Ashens / Some Korean Band (Eternal Morning)  

Eternal Morning - Eternal Morning

i've learned a thing or two about love it's push and shovegiving and giving in, giving up give, give, give but nuthin's givensinnin' is heavenjust for the hell of itcontradictions, constant attraction distractioni've learned a thing or two about love it's push and shovegiving and giving in, giving up give, give, give but nuthin's givensinnin' is heavenjust for the hell of itcontradictions, constant attraction distraction

Music enlightenment

This type of simulation violin,is babies contact music enlightenment partner!


Stunning electric violin function description Stunning electic guitar features a total of seven keys ( 1 funny laughter keys, 2 slow rhythm guitar music key, 3 fast rhythm of violin music keys, 4 keys of 5 drums, violin music key, the 6 act or talk like a fool key, 7 STOP key, 2 Flash)

  1. funny laugther key button touch will be issued after the children 's laugther, the key to interrupt the other voice, if it is in the act or talk like a fool, quit the act or talk like a fool.
  2. slow rhythm guitar music key trigger once put a guitar instrumental music, a total of 5 songs
  3. The pace of violin music keys trigger once put a violin music instrument, a total of 3 songs.
  4. Drum key, playback the thrum keys can at any time to open the drums with the first sound. Note if the talk nonsense, touch the key put a bar drum cycle do background talk nonsense long time no touch, about 26 s automatic turn off, into energy saving mode, the process of ring to set off drum background
  5. The Violin music keys, triggering a violin music instrument, a total of 5 songs.
  6. Key in the act or talk like a fool while playing, about 6 seconds without touching the keys will quit, then touch the keys, the song will start again.
  7. STOP keys an on-off key to stop all action and flash)

The history of the violin (violin)

The violin (violin) is a kind of super clean orchestra played to ring carry instruments. It is widely spread all over the world, is the modern orchestra string of the main instrument. In the music it plays very important position, is the pillar of the modern symphony orchestra, but also has the difficult playing skills solo instrument.

The emergence of modern violin has been 300 years of history, is the western music since the 17th century in one of the most important instruments as the instrument queen, was also the production is itself a gate violin for fine art. The violin beautiful tone, close to a broad range, and the performance is strong, it was born from that day on he's been in the instrument of significant position, for people loved. If the piano is "the king of Musical Instrument, then the violin is" the queen of instruments ".

For centuries, the world famous composer wrote a lot of violin classic works, violinist in this instrument into the soul, the development of the superb performance art.

The violin can concerts and solo.

The violin is a string of four bowed instruments, the family is the main members of the family system of other members are: (the viola, the cello and the bass). Modern violin originated from Italian Craig mona, in 1600-1750 years to become the largest violin production center. The famous master making guitars are: Nicola Amati (nicolas, Marty), Antonio Stradivari (Antonio Stella bottom tile), and Giuseppe Guarneri (ji plug pu ยท melon nai); They made instruments so far are priceless. The violin's fifth tune: g, d1, a1, e2, register more than three and a half group, is all orchestra indispensable instrument, also after instruments.

The video

Too many plans, not enough time!

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Server shenanigans

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~Happy new year!

By Wukl  

According to our recent statistics, we have gained 0 regular visitors!
Let's hope we can increase that figure with ∞%
Happy new year to all of you!


Look, I made a game!

By Wukl  

Excuses for the player - I'm not allowed to upload to YouTube anymore.
Coming 2014
Recorded with RecordMyDesktop (as you can see), built with SDL. Consumes all memory.


By Wukl  

Working website, but a bit empty...

By Wukl  

When I'm sick I don't stay in bed. I just can't. So in the past three days I've watched hours and hours of Breaking Bad, played almost as much FTL and I've been working at stuff for school.. The best part is, however, that the website has had tremendous amounts of progress. Behind the scenes, though. This is the first bit to be public and even this isn't intended to be read by millions. Which it won't be, luckily. So, yeah, this will be another form of filler!

Dry love and drunken kisses, Wukl

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